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Grounding, Don't leave home without it!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What is grounding and how does it help us?

I cannot stress enough how important it is for YOU to GROUND before you actually begin your day. Not when your it's time for bed and you pass out during your meditation because you are tire from the day, not after you checked social media, emails, spoke to a few people, but right out of the starting gate as you BEGIN your day!

By recognizing that YOU are a participant on this Earth, a part of everything around you and when you PLUG IN to this beautiful blue planet we have been blessed to actually live on and experience, not only are you LOVING YOURSELF, but you are LOVING GAIA, THE EARTH!

But Tricia how do I ground???

As with anything it takes time and practice, but once you get it, it is so beneficial to you!

I will share with you how I ground, you can take a portion of the method or all of it, that is entirely up to you. You can do it one step at a time, once one step feels comfortable and you actually feel the difference in your DAY, then you can keep adding to your grounding practice.

Pretty soon you will be able to ground in the moment it takes you to snap your fingers!

  1. In a sitting position, place both feet on the floor and begin to activate your arches (you have 2 chakras there, you should begin to feel a tingling sensation in your arches). For play you can begin to feel the chakras spinning clockwise in both feet. See this as the source of RECEIVING EARTH'S ENERGY.

  2. Once you sense/feel that sensation, begin to slowly grow roots from your feet into the Earth. As you begin to grow your roots, bring the Earth's energy up through your legs drawing it up your ankles, into your calf's, through your knees, your thighs...all the way to your hips. Now at your hips you are going to locate your tail bone, the last vertebrae on your spine, yep that tiny little bone! This is where you're going to connect your two channels of Earth energy like the letter Y!

  3. So at the base of your tailbone, envision a colored ring, what ever works for you at the moment (just like a simple ring you may wear on your finger). Here you will connect both channels of energy, creating the point of the Y and send that NOW single channel of energy back down to the Earth. See how far you can go! Play with it can you reach the core of the Earth, maybe just the soil? The rocky layers?

  4. Once you FEEL plugged in to the Earth, begin cycling the energy. Pulling it up through your feet chakras, through your legs, joining that energy when you reach your hips and plugging back down to the Earth. You should begin to feel as you are UNMOVEABLE a version of your own rock. This is the first step of grounding!

Work on mastering just this step first, more to come!

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