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How does Remote Energy Healing Work?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What is remote energy healing?

Remote energy healing is a method of working with my clients over the phone. I tap into their energy systems (the chakras, the aura, the hara line, guides and more) by tapping into the individual’s energetic frequency. This energetic frequency is just as unique as our finger print, a snowflake, it is the essence of you.

How do I tap into the person’s energy frequency?

I do so by having the person state their birth name three times (they may say any other name or a nickname afterwards if they like).

This allows me to “pull a color” or colors (color = frequency) of the individual in the particular space and time that the session is being held.

When you begin to understand that everything is made up of energy prior to being a physical form, then you have a better understanding that distance does not matter, we are all interconnected.

We are all connected through the ether, it is the internet of the Spirit, the Soul and the Universe.

How does remote energy healing work?

Once I am tapped into an individual, I begin to activate my higher sense perception, first looking at the being as a whole and then grounding the person through their 9th chakra (seat of the soul), aka plugging them in!

Working with the 12 chakras of the energy system, the 12 auric layers, the hara line and my guides, as well as the clients I begin to say “hello” to each chakra and “see” what is currently affecting the chakras energy.

I will utilize clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance primarily along with my guides to inspect each chakra, its cones, spin and shape.

By “tapping” on the specific chakra I receive information from that location, which is then shared by the client. Once one sees it, hears it and understands it, the energy can be cleared in order to heal the energetic body.

For an hour session I work on the front chakra body which deals with our current life situation.

The hour and a half session works on both the front chakra body and the back chakra body. The back chakra body works more with our will, past incarnations (experiences we may be holding onto from a past life experience) or trauma that is held in this present lifetime as well.

I usually recommend an hour to an hour and a half for the first session, so we can do our best to clear out the entire energy body.

Can you clear out everything within that period of time?

Not always, it depends on how deep of a cleaning we need to do, but I am extremely thorough. We will work as a team; this is done collectively (with guides, ancestors and through communication with one another). I will simultaneously be healing your physical body while I am reading your energy centers. I will clear out any blocks, holdings, cords, walls, strongholds and more.

I recommend longer sessions to start out with especially if you are new to energy work. It is a lot of information of which I tend to do my best to keep it light!

Once we have done a session together you can be flexible with your timing. I offer 15-minute tune ups or sessions up to 2 hours depending on the clients needs.

What will I feel during an energy healing?

This depends on how connected you are to your body.

You may “feel” me in your body, like a tingling energy or a coolness next to your skin.

You may experience a pressure or extreme heat as I heal something within the body.

You may feel as if your feet are planted into the ground as soon as I plug your ninth chakra into the Earth.

It is relative. I have had people see me standing in front of them as I worked on them, it just depends how open and connected you are!

What should I expect after our energetic healing session?

Many times, people will feel lighter and less (physically) heavy right after the session, many times before we hang up the phone.

Again, this is quite personal.

Others may feel super human and have tons of energy, while others may feel extremely tired and need to rest.

There is no right or wrong answer/affect.

For adults the next 2-3 days after the session will be filled with possible signs, a better understand, an opening, less resistance or other unique events. This is due to the fact that as I am doing the remote healing work, I am audibly sharing the most pertinent information that needs to be heard by the client. The remaining “information” is downloaded into the client’s energetic system to be processed as a different pace.

How do you work on children?

When I am working with children there are a few methods. I can work by proxy, where the parent acts as the child (mostly for children under 12) and I have a photo of the child in front of me during the session. Energy healing is amazing for all children with emotional issues, ones that have been adopted, in the foster system or autistic.

Because we are working by proxy, the information is all downloaded to the child and shared with the parent. Sometimes a child will respond instantly, but in other cases it can take up to two weeks.

How often do I need remote energy healing?

It is entirely up to you! We are all on our path and sometimes the journey is better when you have someone you can exchange information with. I am an open book here for you when you need my assistance.

I will always get back to you! It is my pleasure to assist you on your spiritual journey!

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