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Signs of Chakra Imbalances: A Guide to Identifying and Correcting Them

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

How to identify chakra imbalances and the side effects

When a chakra is off balance, it can affect some or all of the chakras within your energetic system. That means you are not running at 100%. Once experience can in essence throw off your entire system as if you have been hijacked! You may be like I have no idea what happened I just began to feel this way, your body may be experiencing a physical ailment because you have been ignoring the signs for so long. Whatever the case may be keeping track on how your chakras affect one another, interact with one another allows you to have a better understanding of your etheric body and how it plays such a critical role in your physical body and your day-to-day life.

Below is a summary of the imbalances you may experience in each of the 12 Chakra locations. This may not include all the aspects, but it should help you understand how each chakra can be affected therefor affecting your life.

Chakra 10

When this disc is not performing to it optimum, we tend to have a challenging time materializing our goals. As if our feet our stuck in the mud unable to move forward in our lives, usually related to life skills or tasks. Having a problem with your to do list and following through, this is where it stems from.

Chakra 11 (set 1)

Lower arches of feet if one channel is open and the other is closed, we may feel drained. Our body can feel tired as one side over compensates for the other. We are living in duality rather than harmony feeling uneasy, not able to stand our own two feet.

Chakra 1

A good analogy is the fire hose chakra, when it is on full force it can be quite relentless, losing control of ourselves and running in full on anxiety. Perhaps we are worried about our home, lack of food and water just pure survival. Even survival in regards to money, perhaps the need to have to get more and store it away like a squirrel for those rainy days. When this chakra goes array, our spirit tends to leave the body; like I am outta here, bailing out because the reality appears too hard to face.

You can associate day dreaming, zoning out, panic attacks here as well. When it has been active for a long time, your adrenals are running constantly on the stress hormones. It becomes what they perceive as a natural state of running in stress. Through a habit to where you don’t even realize you are doing it and have interpreted it as an aspect of your personality.

Chakra 2

I call this the land of the broken record. We are trying to process our feelings and the ego butts its way in, we may repeat something over and over again. Whether it is an experience a relationship trend, difficulty in trying to process our emotions, blaming the other that record just keeps going.

When our second chakra is out of alignment it really activates the 5th chakra. We over compensate with our throat chakra in the form of talking, crying, screaming, rarely coming up for air. That is because we have not processed our emotions rather stuffed them deep within our abdomen. I associate bloating and weight to this chakra as we try to protect our body, it bloats and expands in a false sense of protection

Chakra 3

So, you are burning the candles at both ends, your light has gone out you have lost your spark, this is the core light location and when life gets heavy, we either push through it exhausting ourselves, becoming obsessive compulsive in order to try to control our lives or recoil putting out our own light. So many choose the smaller aspect of themselves here, not wanting to shine for fear of outshining another, but in reality, your light is meant to shine so the other may reach you. And activate their light. When we don’t know what is going on confusion arises, we don’t know what job we should have, be or do, cannot make decisions about your life choices, moving forward and jumping into the unknown rather staying put due to fear, we get nervous, butterflies in our stomach, nausea we shut down the third chakra in fear of moving forward, feeling insecurities and vulnerability. This is where change can feel like the death of you. When in a sense it is, the death of the old to make room for the new. When you are lacking power, faith, drive, it makes it nearly impossible to manifest, move forward and grow.

Chakra 4

Here is the land of broken hearts, walls of steel, layers of pain from past hurts we have yet to heal, process or move through the heart when it is closed is unable to receive. We tend to live in a world of skepticism, unable to give love to oneself or others for fear of being hurt. To live from a closed heart, you are not open to all that creation has to offer, rather you are hurting, carrying the weight of the world on your back. Heart pain can keep one isolated and sheltered so they feel safe, but in reality, we are meant to interact with one another in order to grow and learn. Here we have a hard time trusting others or ourselves, resent others in our lives and tend to pick toxic relationships.

Here we can fall into a deep depression not moving, rather sitting in a sort of protective box, I don’t say a bubble because a bubble is smooth and malleable. The box has points and is more restrictive. We swear we will never love again for fear of being hurt. Being the center of the chakra system, this chakra has the most effect on all the others and can lock up your entire energetic system for this is the chakra that in essence is your one you should move from and allow to direct your life.

Chakra 5

The expressions there is a frog in my throat, a lump in my throat, heck sometimes even a boulder! Whatever the case may be. Here you are stuffing your communication with implants, oral fixations, smoking, eating, in order to repress your feelings and your expression of self. Maybe you were you were taught to be seen and not heard so you clamed up not sharing or creating your life.

Stress in your upper shoulders reflects, what are you not sharing rather keeping it deep inside yourself, this can also be the home of explosive reacting. Constantly expressing with anger, crying, cutting others with your words whatever the case may be the reactions are instantaneous and what appear to be out of control.

Chakra 6

Are you not sure what to do next, how to move forward in your life, feeling stuck, blocked, frustrated, poor me syndrome, life is heard and it is impossible for me to manifest. Well, if you your sixth chakra is blocked where literally a disc is placed on top of the cone, we can stop ourselves dead in our tracks. We can have difficulty sleeping, have a hard time moving forward, believing we cannot receive, deserve, create or manifest this chakra is not active and shut down

Chakra 7

When we have anger about creation, the Creator, perhaps we blame God for our mishaps. We are depressed and deal with headaches due to all the pressure that is building up. We are skeptical that is something greater than ourselves operating among us. Perhaps a lack of faith, trust, love and understanding lacking the ability to bring in our own potential, lack of connection with our higher self, the soul, forgetting why we are here. Instead focusing on depression energy.

Chakra 11 (set 2)

Do you have a hard time holding onto things? Feeling clumsy? Not paying attention for example as one hand holds the nail and the other the hammer? Are you unconsciously making fists with your hands rather than allowing them to relax or holding something so tightly because you do not want to let go of your thoughts and feelings? Are your palms sweaty from fear or burning from rage? When these two chakras are locked up we are not capable of letting go and moving forward. We resist the ability to create our lives, change and move through a thought, feeling or emotion.

Chakra 12

When our twelfth chakra is not set up, we can be easily affected by others around us, taking on their energy, not knowing why we feel the way we feel. We lack the boundaries to separate ourselves from others. We are overly empathic to the degree that we can feel others pain or take it on for that matter so that they feel better. All of this is done unconsciously. We can have holes in the twelfth chakra layer from cords others have placed draining our life force energy, leaks where we let people in too easily. We can lack boundaries with others to the extent they walk all over us, appear to be taking advantage of us, in reality we are giving them permission to do so. It is like leaving the front door, the back door and all the windows open, who or what will come in!

chakra imbalancing

Through healing the chakras you can regain a sense of balance and harmony.

Sometimes we cannot necessarily see it, but we know something is off that is why it is important to identify chakra imbalances.

Working with the energy centers of the body assists this aspect of yourself.

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