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Navigating the Challenges of the Spiritual Path: Why Does It Feel So Difficult?

When we decide to heal our spirit and soul, the journey often takes a sharp turn into unfamiliar territory. This transition period is like a system reboot, taking us out of our comfort zones and immersing us in change. It makes us wonder - why does the spiritual path have to be so challenging?

 Many of us were raised by parents who were struggling with their problems, facing the demands of life, or simply escaping from reality. Whatever their reasons, they did their best to take care of us with the tools they had. We chose to be born into the families we did to learn life lessons, which shaped us into who we are today.


When we embark on a spiritual path, we are essentially undoing the programming we received in our early years. There is no handbook for life, let alone for raising a child! As kids, we may have learned that we had to act out or pretend to be sick to get attention from our parents. We found ways to get attention, whether positive or negative, to remind ourselves that we exist and that we are part of a family unit, no matter how functional or dysfunctional it may seem.


During most of our childhood, we were in survival mode, relying on our lower three chakras to deal with our thoughts, emotions, and insecurities. We operated from our ego, focusing on what we needed to survive in our family environments. But our ego can only take us so far; it's always wanting more and can be like that pesky fly that won't leave us alone.


Despite ignoring the signs and intuition we received, we eventually face many life changes that force us to change ourselves. We may be terrified and lost, not knowing which way to turn, but we need help. The die-hard individuals among us will do whatever it takes to make the transition, including reading self-help books, attending spiritual retreats, seeking guidance from gurus and events - all of which have one thing in common: going inward.


We must look inside ourselves and be honest with the person we see in the mirror every day. It all starts with honesty - we must stop making excuses for ourselves, let go of any attachments we have, and drop all our expectations of ourselves and others. We must accept ourselves 110%, exactly as we are right now, throw away judgments and blame, and create a contract with ourselves. That contract is to be the best human being we can be for ourselves at this present moment.


We must be open to getting to know ourselves, loving ourselves, and accepting ourselves, no matter what. This all relates to our will. Our back chakras are all about our will:


- Our will to survive: we are alive right now.

- Our will to feel everything and not suppress our emotions.

- Our will to move forward on our unique path.

- Our will to love ourselves and others with an open heart.

- Our will to manifest, speak our truth, and not hide ourselves.

- Our will to see the road that is meant for us alone (this is not selfish, it's self-care!).

- Our will to trust that this life is connected to the Source Energy of all that is.


What do we have to lose? Or, rather, look at all we have to gain! We can be the fullest version of ourselves, experiencing life with passion and grace. We must understand that this change in ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It's why we are here; it's our life purpose!

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