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Not quite yourself?

So you began your week and everything was great, your happy, going about your daily routines and then all of a sudden, you're no longer feeling like yourself. You may feel like you are not yourself, you monkey mind may have inflated to the size of a blow up banana, an area of your body is acting up and starting to bother you a bit.

We may not know it but these can be signs of damage to our auric space. If we see our aura as a membrane that is ethereal and clear and a sort of egg shape, encompassing our entire body (yes above and below) we can begin to ask ourselves a few questions.

Am I feeling vulnerable?

Am I feeling drained like someone sucked out my energy?

Why can I not control my anger?

Why do my legs feel so heavy?

Am I projecting my emotions outwardly to injure someone?

Is someone psychically injuring me? As if I'm being stabbed in the back?

These are all questions that can become clues as to how your aura is serving you.

When your aura is healthy and strong, it is impenetrable! You can walk through your life with courage and confidence, grace and compassion all at the same time.

When your aura is solid and soft you can find your life feeling like a synchronistic event, you walk lightly, knowing that your energetically whole.

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