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Remove the Road Blocks and Let the Waters Flow!

When we place conditions on what is supposed to happen first in our lives, we are actually putting the breaks on anything that could possibly happen. The condition immediately sets a limitation in our space that stops us from moving forward.

Say you want to get a job, but you do not know how to drive, so you are waiting to get the job, until you can drive, but you don’t even have the money to purchase a vehicle. You refuse to ride the bus, take public transportation, walk or bicycle to work. Hence nothing is moving, no opportunities are coming your way, you are most likely getting frustrated with yourself and the others around you.

The “wanting” of the job becomes just that, you have it already! That’s right, you can say “I want a job” and the Universe is like; well okay then there you have it! You are in the “wanting” of something that is not about “receiving, obtaining, getting”, in other words the momentum to move forward!

This is the first limitation, aka road block. Placed here by yourself!

The second limitation is in the inflexibility of breaking all the conditions you have placed that are prohibiting yourself from getting the job in the first place.

If you allow the Universe to guide you, you may find that there are even more opportunities to get to your job that you hadn’t even considered. It is about leaving all the options open, moving out of your own way, and ALLOWING!

If you remove your conditions and your limitations the energy will begin to flow and momentum will happen! You will become flexible and begin to receive as soon as you move the resistance!

By allowing life to happen and releasing the energy has the ability to move!

It is necessary to start doing things differently, out of the ordinary, you may even surprise yourself!

Try things that you wouldn’t necessarily do, explore options, opportunities, get to know yourself on a different level than the predictable pathway that has been keeping you standing still.

You have to make the first move! Go for it! You Got This!

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