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Say Hello to your Gatekeeper

We all have spiritual guides that come in and out of our lives. There is one spirit guide that we have been connected with since our birth and the two of you may have incarnated in previous lifetimes, whether it was here on Earth or another System in our ever expanding Universe!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

We come into this life with a Gatekeeper. This spiritual guide, may not be a part of our day to day lives, rather they come in when there is a major shift or life event, literally saving our lives or redirecting our path if we tend to take a misguided direction that may not necessarily serve us in this lifetime.

The good news is that each of us has been blessed with a being that has our backs! They have the ability to work between two worlds, as they are in tune with their psychic aspect of themselves. As you begin to access your own psychic abilities, you to may be able to see, hear, or feel them.

You may hear a voice that has been consistent with you, as a familiar loved one telling you where to go, what to do. It may be a seen visually as a subtle vision from the corner of your eye or even show themselves right in front of you.

They can help you develop your gifts, protect you from psychic vampires or energies that may not been in complete integrity. Think of the Gatekeeper as your built in security guard. You can ask your Gatekeeper whether or not a particular energy being is working with it's highest potential for you!

I had always heard a familiar voice within me, who was there for me every time I was in a crucial life or death moment. He is male and always spoke to me calmly and slowly as I was going through a near death moment in time. Though I only had "heard" him and listened unwavering from his guidance, I never did see him until recently.

The first time that I saw him and heard him simultaneously was amazing. Immediately there was a "Yes it is I" and the connection was completed not only auditorily but now visually.

If you hold the Truth that your Gatekeeper is here to be with you for your spirit and soul's highest good and has been with you since your incarnation in this lifetime, you can begin to communicate with them by quieting your mind in a meditative state. Stay open to the possibilities, try to recall moments in your past where you heard a voice directing you, as if it was a light whisper or a loud roar and recognize if it "felt" like the same being each and every time. Begin to familiarize yourself with their frequency, their energy. It is just like tuning a radio dial, find their frequency so that you may make a deeper connection with your Gatekeeper so that they may assist you more deeply on your spiritual path!

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