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Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body!

We are all Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. At times when life seems like we cannot maintain our day to day living, we want to escape and jump out of our body.

We can enter into thoughts that we cannot cope with our current situation, we want to run and hide, we want out. If we can't get out we tend to lean towards alcohol, drugs and the like to jump out of our bodies to "cope"

We can also choose to do this through meditation, going inwards even for just 5 minutes. Sit there, even on the toilet, lol and say hello to your spirit, soul, mind and body. Check in with yourself, ask how you are doing.

When we step outside of ourselves in the story we have created and just observe as if we are in our own movie things look a little differently. Is it as truly as challenging as our ego is telling you?

Look at your blessings, look at what you do have! Embrace the good!

Manifest change in your life but looking inward and upward. Not down and glum! You have so much to benefit from simply by getting to know yourself!

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