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The Key Differences Between Spirit and Soul Explained

Many times I get asked, what the difference is between the Spirit and Soul. Many people think they are the same thing, well in some ways they are.

Take a coin for example you need to have a front and a back of the coin as it is present in our 3D reality. The same holds true for the Spirit and the Soul.

Your Spirit is who you are complete! That physical body that is sitting on the other side of the screen is you. It is who you chose to be in this current lifetime, this moment in the here and now. You brought with you all these potentials, all these abilities, along with some have-to-do's when you chose to incarnate into this present lifetime. Yes, that means the challenges as well. That's right you did come here to have fun, but also to learn a few things in the meantime. Those issues that keep showing up, that you have a challenge figuring out, that is something that you need to learn on the Spirit level so it can, in turn, assist your Soul on its journey.

Now What is the Soul? The Soul is all of you BUT think of this as the collection of you from this lifetime and all other lifetimes. Every time you incarnate, you accumulate knowledge, experiences, information, and data. What do you do with all of this? You build and grow and develop every time you take on a new Spirit.

These lifetimes then fill your Akashic Records, Book of Shadows, and Book of Lives, all moving you closer to yourself. The beauty is in the connection and understanding that you cannot have a Spirit without a Soul and vice versa. They are one in the same creating the entirety that makes you who you are!

Our chakra system also displays this connection with the cones. The outer wheel encompasses your Soul, while the inner wheel makes up your Spirit. When they move in unison together and energy is allowed to move through them there is harmony.

When something happens on the Spirit level and it affects the chakra, you can feel or sense a block there, sort of like stepping on bubble gum. Eventually, if that is not processed it will show up on the Soul level.

Let's take an example to understand the impact of negative thoughts and emotions on our spiritual well-being. Imagine that you were in a long-term relationship that ended on a bitter note. This experience left a profound impact on your Spirit, which lowered its vibrational frequency. As a result, you may have implanted a thought in your energetic body that is based on your original feeling, such as "I will never love again." This negative thought will slow down your Spirit by resonating at a lower frequency.

Now, let's assume that you hold onto this thought for the next seven to ten years. During a session when observing the chakras, an energy practitioner may notice a block in your Spirit wheel and black or gray energy at the Soul level. If this experience and thought are not healed and are left within the chakra on the Soul level, then when you transition off the Earth plane, it will show up in your next incarnation as something that still needs to be learned, but now it is back on the Spirit level.

In other words, holding onto negative thoughts and emotions can have a lasting impact on our spiritual well-being. It is crucial to heal and release any negative experiences to avoid carrying them over into our next incarnation.

That's why many times in my sessions I will let the client know, they still have time, they can still heal that lower vibrational frequency and bring themselves back into a higher resonant frequency!

Moving forward, let's recognize the multitude of relationships we have with ourselves. Our Spirit and Soul are just one aspect of this complex dynamic. It's essential to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that our emotional well-being has limits. However, we can use humor, empathy, and self-compassion to support ourselves on our journey. Remember to keep things in perspective and not to take life too seriously. We will face many trials and errors, but the key is to keep going and learn from our experiences.

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