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There's nothing to fear

That's right! Energy work is All About YOU! And that's the big you!

When I first started this work it was all on my own can you believe, I couldn't even sit still for half a minute without thinking about something! Slowly I progressed to be able to sit for 2 hours in meditation! Why couldn't I just sit there? What was I afraid of? Well in the beginning I actually thought, yes call me crazy, I thought I could die through meditation! I told you crazy!!! I remember one time being so scared to sit there, but I got myself through it, I ACTUALLY thought I was going to die that day, sitting in the lotus position on the floor! Now that I look back, I find so much humor in that. I was that scared of the unknown!

I never pushed myself through the process, I would instead show up for myself, why because I was healing and as I was healing I realized how much love I had for myself and as I loved myself more and more, I had so much to give to others! The more work I did the stronger I felt the connection to my spirit and others.

As I was evolving, I focused on 3 key words on my journey:

No Attachment

No Judgement

No Expectations

These became observations in my daily life, as I interacted with myself or others I would ask am I doing any of these? Could I love my family members, but not have attachments, could I interact with someone I met with no judgement and embrace them with my heart, even though I had no idea who they were? Could I not have any expectations as to how my life was going to turn out? Till this day I still touch on these three aspects with love and grace.

Why do we have fear?

I love this definition of that word "False Energy Appearing Real"!

Does it serve us, for the most part no, it tends to hold us back and keep us from not moving forward on our path. We think what if we fail, fall, embarrass ourselves, who cares! We are learning, growing, and expanding. Try not to attach to any outcome, come from the eyes of your inner child, you have nothing to lose!

Through energy work, I will look at your spirit and make more room for you! Not sure what to expect? Just give it a try, you are going to learn more about you, as a spirit, any blocks you may have, beautiful imagery, I will share what I see clairvoyantly with you. It does not hurt, in fact it feels like a mini ethereal massage! This will help you here in the physical world and help bring together your mind, body and spirit. It is all done safely, with love and with the desire to connect you more deeply with yourself!

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels


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