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They don't call it a backpack for nothing!

What are you carrying on your back? The don't call it a backpack for nothing!

The last few sessions have dealt with individuals storing all their information in their back chakras to the point they are no longer spinning, rather they are locked up, as if a wrench was thrown into the spokes of the wheel.

When you lock up and fill your backpack with all that information without processing it, it gets stored over the years (think of carrying every book you ever read on your back! That shit gets heavy!), so you are working on yourself only 50%.

Yes the front chakras/front body is your day to day life. You are processing everything from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed, but through acceptance of the experiences you have had up until this very moment should be an "eyes wide open" moment in your life! Rather than let me just toss that moment into my backpack and "maybe" I will deal with it later.

So what happens is the chakra becomes congested, just as your nose does when you have a cold. Everything gets stuck and it takes time to clear the mucus out! Rather than mucus it is about cleansing the experiences you have had.

Do you know that without those experiences happening to you, you began to grow. Neither good or bad, if you are just neutral to it and look at it from the observer perspective, you can reflect that you actually LEARNED SOMETHING!

Now if there is an emotion tied to that experience, by staying centered, taking that backpack off your back and looking through it, it is actually less painful than the original experience. You may be like:

"Wait, that wasn't so bad"

"Thank goodness that only happened once and I am witty enough to learn that lesson so it doesn't happen again, whew!"

Do you have to look at ever single page in the books in your backpack, of course not! Believe me you will read the title and that is enough! Just Thank that book for your experience and place it on the shelf!

Eventually you will clear out those back chakras, toss your backpack in the closet, or hang it neatly on a hook, but either way you will be running 100% of your energetic self, rather than 50%


Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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