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Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions sometimes have to be tracked down, evaluated and understood with a sense of deep honesty why we hold onto certain emotions that keep us stuck in a particular habit / program.

Why tracked down? Well, they originated from a particular experience which caused a thought about something. That thought could have been unconscious or conscious but it began there.

That thought let’s say for example is: I am unworthy of love. You may have picked up this thought during a break up, from your environment at home with your parents that were distant, however you picked up the thought, you begin to feel it and believe it.

Now from the conscious perspective you may say to yourself. No one is ever going to love me, I can’t even love myself so why would I expect anyone else to love me, I want to be loved, I know life is supposed to be hard, so of course no one thinks I’m worthy of love, my parents couldn’t even give me love why would someone else. As these are thoughts repeat over and over again in our heads, they are instilling feelings in us that begin to accumulate in the body. Normally you may find these located in the second, third or fourth chakras.

Coming from an unconscious space, you may say to yourself, I don’t know why I am unlovable. Your feelings of sadness, depression, crying get the best of you. You can get sad out of the blue and the water works don’t stop. When asked why, you have no idea, you just know something is off. This is all occurring through the unconscious mind. You may have blocked out your childhood experiences, trained yourself over the years that it is useless to try to change to the point you have become stuck in a program for years.

Whatever the reason may be your thoughts and feelings combined have created emotions attached to one another, creating a stronghold, that is your thought + your feeling = the emotions.

Why is this so challenging to shift out of?

Because the first step is acknowledgement. To see that there is a pattern, stronghold, program in the first place. Through acknowledgement you are taking the first step towards change.

To understand that the initial thought that began to program these molded feelings and emotions, creates an actual chain of events that when triggered the beliefs automatically begin to run in your energetic system. This happens in a state of unconsciousness, because we have been operating from this place for so long. Like driving a car it is challenging in the beginning then comes a moment where we can drive the car without much thought, it is programmed how to act, react, engage in driving. The same holds true for the emotional programming.

Sometimes it is not so obvious and you have to really do some soul searching, but once you find it, like a key you can open the stronghold and start to dissolve it away.

Through honest and truthful recognition of the self, you unlock the emotions that have held you back in a particular aspect of your life.

Whew, that’s all well and good, but what’s next?

Well, you start from the beginning, every time you “recognize” that “oh I am being triggered” the familiar feeling and emotion will begin to stir. At that moment is the crucial time to change the pattern, shift out of the old program and create a new!

Now is the time to reprogram the self, the receptors in your brain to stop the habit/pattern.

How by recognize, reprogram and recreate! Recognize each moment for what it is and change it. Perhaps you would break down the minute that feeling of being unloved kicked in, do ANYTHING to stop it! Play music, dance, create, take a walk, get up off the couch, whatever you have to do to STOP the program. Tell yourself you’re not going to do this any more and change. With all your might as if your life depended on it, because in reality your growth DOES depend on it!

The KEY is to STOP these reactionary patterns in any way you possibly can!

It is important to have faith in yourself and trust that you are working towards your highest good. If you slip up, just dust yourself off and try again. You will succeed with persistence, love of self and the desire to move forward!

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