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We are An Individual! A reflection on our Humanness

We are in our essence both aspects of masculine and feminine energy combined. Our right side of our body is masculine in nature and the left our feminine. The confusion becomes when we feel we have to decide on whether we are man or woman.

The two elements do not live without the other, they actually combine to create one individual.

When breaking yourself down to an individual, you can just be both aspects of yourself simultaneously all the time. Choosing when to show your masculinity or femininity or perhaps just operating from the individual self that you are.

Our form, this thing we speak of as human is many things: A spirit, A soul, A man, A woman, A energetic system, A higher evolved being, combining all these in essence we are one individual self.

Now our individual self has been a man, a woman, an animal through our past incarnations. As we walk in our present lifetime, we can reflect on how we lived prior incarnations as a man, a woman, a specific animal we resonate with from being that animal in a particular incarnation.

If we remove the labels of what we think we should be, act like, look like and just be that aspect of ourselves letting go of the programming that is currently embedding into the arcon energy on the planet. We can be the full aspect of ourselves.

In college, I remember having to do an exercise where we painted ourselves as the opposite sex of who we are in this lifetime, it was such an interesting reflection in the sense that you had to reflect inward as you painted and decide what aspects of your self were masculine or feminine and how you were going to portray this new individual into the world for all to see. Yes, you may say it was just a piece of paper, but as an artist you are the Creator, and here creating an new aspect or interpretation of yourself. I still have that self-portrait to this day!

When I think of the combining of our elements to create this Human Being, we can see a similar example when we begin to enter into relationship with one another. In a relationship whether it is man and man, man and woman, woman and man, we still have two individuals creating a new individuated self. You may not realize it but when you commit to being in a relationship with one another no matter the sex you are creating a third being, which is the relationship. The relationship then becomes its own aspect of the two individuals combining to create a new individual. You may not see this new individual, the relationship as a being in a physical form, but in more of an etheric form from the two people creating this new self.

That is why when you see a relationship between two individuals who truly love one another, there is a connection that is so deep it is visible, you may think of your grandparents, a couple you see in a restaurant, your parents. There is a third self-there that is combined to create the definition of love.

As you begin to observe others, you can ask yourself is that person (don’t even think of the physical sex of that person you are observing) expressing their masculine side of themselves or their feminine side. Just observe, this could be done anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

I think society has fallen flat with this need to label, define and categorize who we are. We are all living beings on this planet having experiences. By having to define ourselves we create a sense of separation, isolation, judgement and criticism of others that distracts us from who we are truly meant to be.

When you begin to feel your essence in your Spirit and your Soul, it is no longer masculine or feminine, it just is; energy.

As you begin to play with your own energy you can experiment with how to utilize the various aspects of yourself.

Example 1: Say you had a task you had to accomplish in a limited amount of time and give a presentation afterwards. You may choose to work with the masculine elements of yourself, using your intellect, competition, risk-taking and assertiveness to get the job done in the allotted amount of time. You are utilizing a single pointed focus to get the task at hand done, hence the term manning up. You create a plan, write a summary and psych yourself up to give a speech in front of a group of people you have never met before. You walk out to the podium with certainty, confidence and determination. Knowing that you pushed through what you needed to get the presentation done in record time to give your speech.

Example 2: Say you had a gut feeling, an intuition that something just does not feel right on your way to an event being held with a group of friends. You listen to your inner-guidance and just make a mental note of that. When you arrive to the event you can see right away that a friend of yours is sitting away from the crowd. Just by reading their body language you know that something is wrong. Through your compassion and nurturing feminine energy, you decide to go speak to your friend. You are aware through the sharing that your friend experienced a loss, you recognize that your intuition earlier picked up on that something and you are now validated that your gut feeling prepared you for this moment to support your friend in need.

Example 3: You are desiring to start creating something new and you decide on making a painting. You go to the store and pick up what you need in order to experience your painting, what size you will work in, what colors you will use, how will you apply the paint. As you set up, you decide you want to be reactive first and begin to aggressively put the paint on the canvas, physically applying the color to the surface. As you reflect on what you just did you decide to take a break for a little bit. Later you come back to the painting and decide you want to change it up, so you begin to mix lighter more vibrant colors and begin to place them on top practically covering your original painting. This evolution of creation utilizes both sides of who you are, as you notice the difference when you move in and out of your masculine and feminine energy as you create.

Take sometime and reflect for yourself, when you turn on your masculine energy, when you turn on your feminine, as well as times where you utilize both masculine and feminine energy simultaneously.

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