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What are Chakras?

The Chakras are energy centers that are located both inside and outside the body. There are 7 primary chakras (also called wheels of light) located in the center of our body. Each center connects to the spine and faces outwards from the spine. A simple example is an ice cream cone. The point of the cone aims toward our spine and the portion that holds the ice cream/the information points outwards.

Each chakra runs at a different coloration, just like the flavors and colors of ice cream. When we are processing information say a held belief, a block or a strong hold, it can leak out like a cracked cone.

Through energy healing we can work on the healing of the chakras, your energy in a way that serves you.

Most of my work consists of the use of the 12 main chakras and the auric system (that ethereal bubble surrounding your body).

Once the chakras are working towards the process of wholeness and aligned with each of the other chakras, your spirit and your soul will be able to follow their path and higher purpose for your greatest good.

Energy work is the gift that keeps on giving, as you give to yourself through self love, compassion and space to evolve you will not only see but feel the difference!

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