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What are Spirit Guides and How can You Work with them?

What are and who are your spirit guides?

We all have spirit guides, guides, teachers, masters, beings that are with us assisting us on our journeys as we dwell here on earth. Some stay for small amounts of time, while others can stay with us for an entire lifetime. They are here for us, for support, sharing of knowledge and help with our growth.

Guides work with the subtle energy field. You may here voices, like whispers in your head. You might actually hear, “oh I wouldn’t not do that” or “STOP” in a very strong tone to keep us out of harms way. You may receive a “YES” when it is time to change careers, move to a new location or begin a new relationship. Whatever the case may be they are our etheric cheerleaders, rooting us on. They want us to succeed.

We have ancestral guides as well who are also here to provide support, love and guidance from our lineage point of view.

As we incarnate, we are guided to learn, develop and tap into this source to make our path a little clearer.

You can call specific guides in to teach you or assist you with a task. Maybe you are wanting to learn something new, why not call in a guide and ask them to share their learning with you so that you can have an extra boost on the subject.

For example; you want to begin a new work out routine and not sure how. There are plenty of beings who have transitioned off this planet to assist you with your new goal. You can just make a call on the etheric pathways with your request!

“Uh, hello everyone in the spirit guide realm, I am seeking to make a contract with a guide who can assist me in getting motivated so that I can create new exercise goals” Just say it in your mind like you are speaking into a megaphone for all the guides to hear, then close your eyes and see who comes walking up behind your shoulder region. Perhaps you will see an Olympic Athlete, if you are super motivated you may select them, or someone who ran marathons when they lived here on Earth. Whatever the case may be, you have the opportunity to make that selection. Why, because YOU are in a physical body you have dominion over yourself.

It is up to you to select who will be the best fit for you, just like your relationship selections here on Earth. You decide.

I always recommend keeping a sort of contract with your guides, where they only come in when you call them to you, similar to calling your friend on the phone, you hang up after you have completed your call. You wish them well, thank them for listening and move onto the next item you have planned for you day.

Now these guides may stay a short period of time, yes, they could even get bored. Say you bring in the Olympic Champion, to find all they want to do is train and they start driving you a little crazy, they may actually leave and search for someone else who is seeking to win a gold medal, or you may say thank you, I no longer need your services, but appreciate the time we have spent together. Either way you are working with guides.

I always say because you have a physical body you have dominion over yourself and the guides you select to work with. You are calling them in asking for guidance, receiving the information and going on your merry way!

For myself, I have two fairly permanent guides. One is my Gatekeeper (please review my blog post on Gatekeepers) and the other is a very ancient being living in a different galaxy, which feels so far away, but he comes forth through channeled writings and when I ask for his assistance. He is a dear friend to me. I also work with two other guides, which appear to come and go based on what I am working on at the current moment. Sometimes I feel there is a council of guides working along side me. When you begin to recognize the subtle energies, you may clairvoyantly “see” an actual image of the guide along with their communication (clairaudience), you may sense them using clairsentience, whatever senses you use, will give you the opportunity to strengthen your tools, your knowledge and connection with your spirit guides.

Be sure to look for the guided meditation on how to say hello to your guides coming soon to the Energy Work and Healing Shop!

Happy Connecting!

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