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Who wants Road Blocks? Why not a Winding Road?

Many people believe it is too difficult to change areas of their life and will remain in an unhealthy situation for years on end because of this particular belief. They may tell themselves:

There is no way out of this situation, I am in too deep.

They will force themselves to stay in a situation that is unhealthy, because they feel like they have to and are obligated to. They may feel they don’t deserve anything better in their life and they need to just deal with it.

It is too hard to change, get out of a toxic situation, thinking what if it gets harder than this.

So, what happens as we begin to accept this “less than” life. Choosing out of our own fear to remain stuck in a particular situation? Rather than just letting go and moving towards our next life experience with trust and love for ourselves.

It is as if you are watching a replay in front of your eyes over and over, a week turns into years until some pivotal moment forces the change. You are now at the mercy of the numerous probabilities before you, as you are knocked out of that comfort zone.

By this time the experience has built up in your chakras as blocks, your aura as trauma, neglect of the self and you may be even dealing with physical ailments that have grown into dis-ease over the years.

Why because you were living in imbalance, ignoring the signs the body was sending out for all this time. It becomes a shock to your system.

This shock is your wake-up call, we are all meant to change. We are emollient forms of energy that are constantly changing, moving, evolving and when we try to stop that evolution, well look out. Eventually we will have our wake-up call, at this point it is whether we like it or not.

This not only affects us but the circle of people around us in our day to day lives.

If we were to live in our balance from the beginning “knowing” that it is better to move on in life and face the challenges head on rather than stuffing them in our etheric attic, our choices would have manifested in a more fluid manner, because we are in integrity with ourselves and the others within our circle.

Fear is what keeps us in unhealthy situations that do not serve the self we are meant to be. We are meant to live through our light body. Here our energy is fluid, balanced and permeable.

Coming from this space of fluidity we can move forward, live fully without restrictions and road blocks.

Let Go! Let your LIFE CHANGE!

Do it for YOURSELF!

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