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"Why choosing to live through inspiration rather than anxiety can transform your life"

Live an inspired Life!

When we are young everything, we see and experience is new, fresh and booming with excitement and enthusiasm, we want to pick up everything we see, dream and imagine as we grow into the world around us. Time was not yet a construct for us as our caregivers tried to get us to bed as we were ready to experience the night with all its sounds, stars and wonders.

To stay in the direct connection of inspiration, awe and amazement feeds our spirit and our soul as we move through each and every day.

This task, to live and inspired life can be brushed to the sidelines as we live our adult lives, but it is our calling to remember and remind ourselves that we should be moving through life with wonder!

Yes, we have society, work and social constructs that swirl around us, sometimes like a tornado and other times as a carousel. Do not lose track of the inspiration that resides all around you during the challenges, as well as the rewarding times.

Growth comes in so many forms. To try and avoid, disassociate or resist only brings the discomfort closer to us as it continues to pound on our door a little harder until we finally open the door and face the situation head on.

We can’t run from it, if we try that is only a temporary fix called avoidance. It won’t stick. It will show up again in a different form somewhere down the line of your life.

So why do we choose to live with a tightened heart, overactive solar plexus, anxiousness, and nervousness rather than from knowingness, release, and surrender?

I believe the fears and anxiety become conditioned in us, just like any other program. The physical and psychological body becomes familiar with the responses of the body as it anticipates the next bomb to drop, it is staged in constant preparation forcing the body to run off its adrenal glands.

We are not meant to operate in a constant state of anxiety. In order to remove it you need to change the frequency, calm the body and the mind, and relax.

Don’t wait for the next bomb, instead start to focus on the present moment.

Look around you first and begin to observe the world you live in. The sky, the trees, the sounds, the wind, the angles of the window you look out of wherever you dwell. Then begin to think back to being a child. The wonder and amazement of playing outdoors, feeling the wind, exploring a tree perhaps as if it held an entire forest in your imagination.

By being present you come back to the amazement, the newness of each and every day. You become thankful rather than apprehensive. Still rather than stressed. Calm rather fearful.

Try this whenever you have a moment when the restless anxiety comes creeping back in. Slow yourself down and come back to the stillness that dwells deep inside of each and every one of us.

Have a conscious connection with yourself, trust, and keep growing.

Through an inspired life, you can’t be confined to a room in hiding, waiting in the nightmarish world of the unknown. An inspired life calls on your Spirit to experience, explore, learn, and understand.

To relish in the idea that this world we are living in is full of amazement.

So why not grab it by the reins and start your journey today?

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