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Your Meant to be the Fullest Aspect of You! Shine baby!

Why the Chakras are essential to your toolkit!

When you align your chakras each day, it is like adding an extra boost to your day!

Cleaning out your chakras is an essential part of moving through life with your hand on the steering wheel, at least for a short period of time!

Through our alignment of the spiritual body we can process information in a more consistent and clear manner.

So, what exactly is aligning your chakras? It is the ability to “say hello” to the front body and back body chakras and inspect them for their spin, color, actually looking into them and observing and clearing them.

We are meant to evolve through our chakras every seven years, beginning from birth. As we get older we are as beings supposed to process the information for each of those 7 years. Now this is in a perfect world when we were educated about our own energy structure from Pre-K, could you imagine if we were fully taught about our chakras along with our A,B,C’s!

So, what happens is by not processing this information as we move through life, there is a point when we are almost catapulted into our energetic awakening. What I mean by that is either we see the repetitive signs that come up in our lives, that seem to get louder if we do not “listen” to the Etheric messages, we hit a major shift in our lives that forces us to do something different, or have a physical experience as in a ailment or near death experience where our lives do a complete 360, whatever the case may be you “wake up”!

For me it was surrendering completely no longer taking a hold of the wheel, rather listening to Source the entire time. I was walking through life no longer a zombie, but rather every time Source Energy would say to do something I did it and I mean literally! If I was driving home from a long day of work and the Etheric would say; “Stop the car and go jump in that water down there…” well, I did it taking off only my shoes I would go sit in the creek until it felt that it served me well. I didn’t care what anyone thought, saw, said, I just did what Source asked of me, in a sense I was building a new connection with the Etheric Source Energy, my Spirit and my Soul at the same time.

I did this in every possible way, there would be days I would just dance literally pulling the vehicle over and begin to express myself through movement, other days would be filled with sorrow, crying for what then seemed like eternity. Whatever the experience was, I began to do it fully!

When we are younger aspects of ourselves, we are forced to fit the program. We are taught instantaneously from our immediate family, developing ourselves based on the knowledge and experiences of those who are raising us. We are programmed, molded and designed to be, do, have and act in particular ways that “society and family” deem “normal and accepted behavior”.

We are taught by sitting in a chair either in a classroom or in front of a computer, rather than having the experiences of learning hands on in our lives. Taught to sit still, be seen and not heard, not to fidget about otherwise being diagnosed with ADHD when in reality it is our innate nature as human beings to move, explore and learn from the world around us. Our educational system is a sort of cookie cutter society where we need to fit the mold so all the cookies fit snuggly together.

I believe this begins to shut us down, not allowing us to fully process ourselves, our beingness; having to fit into the mold that is created for us to fit within, rather than developing our truest aspects of ourselves.

We learn that if we are vulnerable it is taken for being weak. If we are crying, we are too sensitive, if we become angry, we are aggressive, when in reality they are all only expressions of our fullest selves. This is where many of us, begin to push our energy expressions deep within the chakra system rather than dealing with our experiences in the moment.

So, by age 32 (hypothetical number here) we begin to notice that we are carrying a backpack big enough that it is weighing us down. We may have challenges in our relationships, career, life, whatever the case may be, but we know something is not right.

So, we begin to look within. Without a guidebook provided to us from Pre-K of our Etheric Source Energy, we may begin to watch videos, read books, meditate, go on journeys to try to bring ourselves back home, back to our innate center.

This is where the chakra work begins! When you begin to “say hello” to each chakra and filtering what is within you can clean out each energy system of your body so you can move forward in life in a grounded and conscious manner, at the same time moving through life from a different point of view. When you begin to realize that we are all beings that are being affected by all that is, you begin to take things less personally, seriously. You begin to observe rather than being impacted by.

Your energetic system becomes your new operating system, allowing you to format your own hard drive, your own being.

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