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Dump complaceny and raise your energetic frequency!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What if I told you, YOU are not meant to live a Complacent Lifestyle. You are actually meant to live the life YOU choose and that was the goal way before you were incarnated!

To believe:

That life is just what it is with no set plan

That things are happening to you that are outside of your control

That why should you even bother to try something new or different

Or you just plainly think, what’s the use

This list can go on and on, but by reading those three lines, did you notice the shift in your energetic body? As that information was read, entered your system and you processed them. I mean I noticed it just as I was writing it. That energy dove right into my third chakra, created a heavy weight in my space, but the one item I know is that what I read was just an experiment. Some individuals think things like this or maybe more degrading on a day-to-day basis. People “choose” to live a complacent lifestyle and don’t even know they are doing it half the time.

It is just like anything you input into your physical and etheric body it will resonate within only to stir the pot, leaving residual debris in your space.

Your job is to keep your system clean! Wake Up! And be so very careful about the stories you tell yourself!

What do I mean by that?

Start your day off with a clear head! When you wake up in the morning, why not give yourself some extra time to get ready, meditate, set your chakras, gosh even say hello to the twelve chakras in your energy system and check in with yourself. Tell yourself, “Sam today is the day we are going to wake up and live!”

Check in with you like you are your own boss, the director of your very own movie! Ask yourself even if you are not sure how;

“how are my chakras spinning?”

“can I shift my energy to a higher vibration?”,

“is there still some residual stuff left over from later in the week?”

OWN YOUR SPACE! Keep ASKING yourself questions! Believe me eventually you will hear a voice answering back!

By owning your space, you are committing to you! You, yes you are make a choice!

Living the life you are meant to live,

Shine the way you are meant to shine,

Life your life with purpose,


Can you sense the energy current, your inner power growing in your third chakra just by reading those few lines, can you sense that you are more than you show up in the world right now.

Just reflect. When you go outdoors into the vast playground called life, work, school begin to reflect.

Do you reduce your energetic self, based on who you are with (coworkers, cashiers, clients, people just walking) or do you show up as you ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT?

By BEING YOURSELF, I can guarantee you that you will operate in a higher vibration, feel better about yourself and you will stop being complacent. You will realize you are a meant to BE HUMAN to have all the experiences you possibly can within this incarnation and grow!

The only limitation is the limitation you place on yourself!

Shine Baby Shine!

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