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Energetic Atmosphere: Recognizing your weather patterns Holding onto Energy through Emotions

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

When you begin to understand that you are the creator of your life, you have the opportunity to take ownership of the atmosphere you wish to dwell in, through and around you, that which bests serves you at your present moment. That is energetic atmosphere.

To see the world the way you choose to: live it, see it and feel it.

In your atmosphere, just think for a moment, are there clouds, fog, rain? Blue skies, drizzle, lightning or wind? Just know that all this is temporary and can be easily adjusted through your thoughts and beliefs. Holding onto Energy through Emotions can become sticky, leaving us in a particular pattern, unless...

You have to make a decision though. What energy to you wish to dwell in?

Let’s just take the word discouragement. You are discouraged because perhaps you felt that someone did something to you. Maybe you were ignored, disrespected, offended by the actions of another. How did you choose to change your atmosphere due to that interaction. Did you allow a storm to surge into your atmosphere bringing thunder, lightning, wind and rain? Or did you get a little cloudy with patches of blue-sky peeking in here and there? Our energetic atmosphere is created through how we perceive a particular experience, we make the conscious or unconscious decision to react.

The beauty is that once you step back and look at the sky on the horizon, taking a look at that panoramic image and reflect on what you see, you begin to get the whole picture.

Triggers become the elements that change our atmospheric conditions on a regular basis. We become triggered by our interactions with others, our work environment, home environment and our day-to-day dealings with other human beings on the planet.

We can feel the internal storm brewing based on what we think and feel is being done to us. The good thing is that we do not have to react or respond. Through staying present and aware that something may have triggered us, is the first step in controlling your energetic weather system.

Now I am not saying you cannot own your space, your truth or express your feelings in a strong and passionate way, but own it, feel what that feels like then let it go like the wind, don’t hold on to it. Don’t repeat the experience in your head over and over again, what good does it do to torture yourself, by reliving the same energetic weather pattern again and again?

Allow your feelings, emotions and moods to be temporary just like the clouds in the sky. Let them pass so that they have the capacity to shift, change and become something fresh like the smell of the earth after the rain.

Holding onto an energetic weather system keeps the storm above you. The thing is others can feel your storm we are all sensory beings.

Acting like an Energetic Storm

Just try this: have your storm, feeling the feelings associated with it, what atmospheric conditions created this storm, how much lightning and thunder are you generating from this weather pattern? Have your frustration, your anger, your sorrow and have it all fully let it consume you. I am not stating to release your storm on innocent bystanders, friends and family, let it be just you and the storm. See it, feel it, experience it fully and release it! Have the experiences you need so that the storm clouds can move on.

One of the most toxic elements you can place in your atmosphere after the storm is over is reliving your storm as you repeat the weather system to others (aka gossip). By sharing your storm with others, you are like Merlin, calling the storm back to you with your magic wand. Reliving the experience doesn’t serve you it only triggers you again, now with other people’s opinions about your storm. The storm looks different from every direction, some may perceive your storm as threatening, scary, placing their judgements on what they see in the eye of the storm. This reliving of the experience then activates the original trigger and is compounded with new information.

The storm has changed form. New weather conditions have been added; hence you are reliving a more toxic storm.

Triggers are hard enough to acknowledge, accept, learn from and understand. Rather than reacting to and blurting your experience to everyone you interact with, observe your storms and look within to what caused the storm in the first place, reflect in the pool of water that sits before you.

Energetic atmosphere is one of those things you can guarantee will be with you on a day-to-day basis, your reflections can be adjusted, modified and overcome. Try to stand in front of the storm with courage, grace, vulnerability and the strength to move inward and reflect on who you are, how different experiences affect you and teach yourself how to process your weather systems.

You can learn to love rainy days, snow and hail, the blue sky and clouds, wind because they are all aspects of who you are, they create all of you. You begin to experience your weather patterns, accept them and learn from them so you can grow!

Allowing Energy to  Flow

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