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Over Analyzing much???

We tend to look for patterns in energy even when it is not even apparently there. By creating our own stories, filling in the dots with our own information, fabricating the ending to our own chapters, attempting to "solve" a solution to a situation in order to validate our little egos we are working with our analyzer.

Our analyzer attempts to gather all the bits of information and format it into some outcome we are perceiving in our mind. Whether it is accurate or not we want to appease our ego and feed it so the ego has solved the problem, situation or outcome...the thing is the ego doesn't care if the story is potentially made up through our over active imaginations, because it is getting its way, keeping us out of our Spiritual Energetic Space and overriding our entire system, creating stressors, monkey mind and more!

That's when we need to say wait a second, am I coming from my Higher Self? Or I have I given the analyzer the steering wheel for my mind?

By taking a breath and a step back, tell that little ol' analyzer to pipe down! We will begin to see that we are over reacting, making up a drama that was only there to feed our ego, and we have left our body, allowing it to soar high outside of our bodies ungrounded and unconscious, rather than staying connected to our Higher Self, Grounded and Secure in our self!

You can adjust your analyzer just by recognizing it and turning down the dial! Next time, you start a new chapter in the Tella Novela of your mind, hit the pause button, rewind and begin again! Let me know how it goes!

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