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Part 3, Grounding "The Inner Compass"

So you are feeling Ground Exercise 1 and 2, Fantastic! A++ for doing this for your Spirit, Soul, Self! Let's move on to Part 3. Again, this is my method of grounding, which I have added to as I worked with my guides, sure you can stop at step 1 or 2 that just as good, but I really like to "PLUG IN".

  1. So once I feel my energy running throughout the entire body, I want to set my internal compass, that is locating my North, South, East and West. This compass matches the Earth's compass, creating a synchronicity between my body and the planet.

  2. NOTE: I recommend sitting in the same place each time you begin to ground and meditate in the beginning, this sets the tone for your body, it will actually begin to recognize "oh its time to ground", trust me it will get easier and easier to find this place.

  3. As you sit in your meditation space, figure out which way your body is facing. For example, when I sit in my space my front body faces South, my North body faces the back, left side body faces the East and right side body faces the West. Pretty soon you will actually begin to intuitively feel these 4 - Directions.

  4. Once you sense this, plug in to each direction, this is the fun part. I usually envision my body as a center pole, crystal, or tree and wrapped around that are 4 cords, at the end of each cord is a golden railroad stake, Then I begin to "Plug in" each stake: North, South, East and West. This third step in grounding really sets my tone fully, it is as if I can feel something coming from any direction.

  5. The final step "for me" is to open my 4th chakra fully radiating my SOURCE ENERGY in strands of gold and green rays of light.

By connecting to the core of the Earth, Universal Source Energy, plugging into the 4 coordinates of the planet and opening your heart, you are synching yourself with all that is.

In the meantime, try to play with this energy in your body and observe how it effects your energetic system. What feels different?

By running this energy and grounding on a daily basis you should be less reactive and more conscious. That is not living with your second chakra leading, but rather from the heart.

I would love to hear how you do. What were your challenges with grounding? How did you overcome those hurdles?

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