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Title: Overcoming fear and embracing free will: Letting go of self-imposed limitations

When we cannot find peace, a sense of calmness, a sense of kinetic energy that will not settle within ourselves, well those are clues that we are not living in the present moment. Instead, we are jumping into the past or the future moments. Overthinking, analyzing, creating stories and scenarios that take us outside of ourselves. This can become habitual in the sense that if you stop feeling the feelings of anxiousness, fear, uncertainty (just to name a few) and you actually have a moment of peace that you begin to perceive that something must be wrong because you are not feeling the way you usually feel.

We can easily intellectualize our situations, thinking of them in a thousand different instances, we are quite creative when it comes to thought, but what that does is it pulls us from our center, our ground and gives us the feelings of instability and the unknown.

Many people will live in fear from the stories that they fabricate in their heads. Just take a moment to reflect on your stories that keep you from being your fullest self. What do you tell yourself that makes you fear your life? How do you choose to make a decision based on a fear that something may happen? Those fears whether they connect you to a previous experience you had in the past (that may have not gone the way you expected it to go) or those fears that only come from your fabricated stories they are just thoughts of “what if”. You have gathered through your imagination the worst that could happen, the repeating of a similar experience, telling yourself over and over again that you cannot do that “in case” your fears come into actualization.

Well, those fears are always larger than, inflated and rarely show up in your reality. They are in a sense fantasy constructed with a low vibration using your over active imagination.

Why allow your thoughts and feelings to limit your beingness, explore new terrain in your life, to live your life to your fullest ability?

You are giving these thoughts and feeling dominion over your Spirit and your Soul. Our paths are just that, we have numerous directions, choices, steps to take from the moment we are incarnated. These paths are of free will. When we consider the word free will vs. fear you can sense the difference in the words alone. Free will gives us the capacity to raise our vibration, living an authentic life where fear lowers our vibration and makes us feel small.

Allow yourself to live your life through your will centers, giving yourself permission to open these centers up in your back chakras connecting to your central channel. You have the will to create from your second chakra, the will to move forward in life through your third chakra, the will to love through your fourth. By allowing these chakras (that many don’t even know exist, or forget to give attention to them) to operate for yourself fully and openly, you are allowing your front chakras to receive what comes to you as you walk into your life.

The front chakras can than become the receptors. Receiving information making choices and decisions for your highest good and suppressing the story teller that lives within each and everyone of us. We have the capacity to receive clear communication from all that surrounds us, we do not need the sense of fear to hold us back from living.

We can trust that when we are operating with our chakra system fully intact and flowing, we will receive all the information we need as we maneuver through our pathways. By trusting in ourselves, our connection with the Earth and Source Energy, we will receive the information we need instantaneously in order for us to make the proper decisions without diving out of our physical and etheric bodies with unconscious thoughts that make us slam on the brakes to us living.

Begin to listen to the subtleties of life, the signs. Become a witness to all that surrounds you and release the old stories that have placed you in chains.

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