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Why Having Clear Terms in Contracts with Ourselves and Others is Important

We begin our lives with contracts.

Contracts with ourselves, parents, caregivers, lovers and friends they come in many forms. Not all contracts have to be spoken or written. Many individuals create silent contracts between friends, family, coworkers and peers.

Our choice of career, specialties within our life skills, how we move through our lives and how we choose to live our day to day lives through our interactions with the self and others are all based on contractual agreements with ourselves and others.

Many of these contracts come with us as we enter the current lifetime. They are put in place guiding us on our path.

If you think back to a time when you were young (pre six or seven) you may have played with other children, siblings, yourself “pretending” to be something or someone.

Maybe you always wanted to be a mother, an artist, a teacher, a doctor. Just take a moment and think back to your play space. Use your imagination and try to remember. Then reflect on where you are now in your life and how that younger you is still serving you in the present moment.

Perhaps you wanted to be a mother since you could remember, now having children of your own or working with kids. Maybe you played teacher always roll playing various lessons to your friends and family, now living a life of education, learning and teaching others.

We come into this life with a contract in order to connect our Spirit to our Soul. A union of the self is present when we live our life purpose. When we honor ourselves and live our lives as fully as we possibly can, embracing who we are, with acceptance – love – compassion. We give ourselves permission to evolve and become the essence of who we are fully meant to be in the here and now.

When we are not connected to our Soul, we can lose sight of what our contract is with ourselves; becoming mislead – distracted – confused – lost. Always searching for the loss and lack we feel internally, thinking we will find it outside ourselves.

When we search outwardly to find a person; whether it is a friendship, coworker, or relationship in order to fill in the pieces of ourselves that we feel are missing we create unhealthy contracts. Creating contracts with others that have conditions to them, limitations, controlling behaviors, in order to satisfy the lack of contract we have with ourselves. This places tension on our relationships creating breaks, tears, limitations and unhealthy behaviors and patterns.

These relationships can become hollow, as we try to obtain something that is missing within us through another. All of these come from a place of lack.

We can even have contracts with our pets to fulfill the neediness and lack of love we have for the self.

Codependency whether it is with a person or a pet, creates unhealthy experiences and contracts with others. These relationships are then filled with resentment, anger, dysfunctional behaviors, unrealistic expectations and more.

Contracts are binding through cords with others that connect to various locations of the etheric body. These cords can be as large as a sewer pipe, a garden hose and dense, similar to sludge in a tube or a clogged pipe.

When we are clean with ourselves, living in harmony with Unity of the Self, we will see healthy cords that are thin and golden in coloration. Healthy cords allow you to share your love with others, because you are operating with the love that is resonate within you. By keeping our contracts clean and clear we have the capacity to love others fully and unconditionally. We are not looking outside of ourselves to receive love, rather we have so much love for ourselves, we have plenty to share.

Reflect on your contracts that you have made with yourself and others.

Have you learned from your previous relationships?

Do you tend to repeat the same experiences with anyone you are in relationship with?

Do you focus on relationships that are codependent?

Can you keep your energy separated from others? Or do you merge energy with friends and family?

Asking simple questions like these can help you start to learn about where you may be giving your energy away, taking energy from others, through silent contracts.

The beauty is that you can choose to shift your habits and patterns, allowing for yourself to change at any time, any age and any point in your lifetime!

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